Gilman Grips


Our Goal: 

To Lock You Into Safety Comfort And Control

Making Every Day The Best Day On The River

Our Story: 

We Set Out To Design A Safer More Comfortable Grip To Provide Intuitive Feathering.

Round grips on today's oars have not evolved. The same shapes have been used for thousands of years because they could be quickly turned into a wooden oar shaft. With no concern for grip performance, oar-manufacturers kept the simple, cylindrical designs due to the ease of production.
Gilman Grips are engineered for guides and anglers, drift boats, dories, whitewater rafting, or just getting out on the river. Fully compatible with Sawyer oars, Cataract oars, Carlisle oars, Edge oars and Pro-Loks composite oars, the Gilman Grip's patented Grip-Right Technology orients the blade in the water with a precise feathering angle, with a more ergonomically neutral position of the shoulder, elbow, wrist and thumb.

Never miss a stroke with The Non-Slip Grip.

Our Product: 

Gilman Grip's Patented Grip-Right Technology

Grip-Right Technology delivers a significant performance advantage over traditional round oar grips, which can unintentionally slip in your hand. We accomplished this by utilizing three proprietary features, allowing us to create the first ever asymmetrical Non-Slip Grip. 

Gilman Grips require a fraction of the hand strength needed to hang onto and properly control an oar. Grip-Right Technology provides oarsmen with intuitive feathering and feedback on your blades angle in the water so you don't need oar-rights. Designed to lock you into safety, comfort and control Gilman Grips reduce shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand fatigue so that you can enjoy more glorious days on the river.

Our Grips fit a wide range of hand sizes from XS to XXL.

Lock Into Safety, Comfort And Control With The Non-Slip Grip